Binatone e manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view 2 Follow the instructions in the handset’s User Guide to register the handset (for. Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual BINATONE E We hope that this BINATONE E user guide will be useful to you. Hi I have inserted a link to the phone manual below. Hope it has helped Alan.

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Important note — emergency w3300 The e is not designed for making emergency calls when the mains power fails. So you should make alternative arrangements for access to Emergency Services. This means that you should also have a basic phone yser does not need mains power, connected to your line so that you can make calls during a power failure.

If you need help … The Binatone Help Line is available from 9. Keep the packaging materials in a safe place in case you later need to transport the unit. Keep your sales till receipt, which is your guarantee. Press to move through the list of stored numbers or Caller Display records.

Press for 1 second to lock the keypad; or for 3 seconds to turn the handset on and off. While dialling or programming, press briefly to delete digits from the display; or press and hold to clear the display.

BINATONE E3300 Manuals

Press while programming to confirm your selection. PROG button Press to start programming. Press during a call to make a note of a number in the Notebook. Press to generate pauses when using the phone on a PBX. Before you can use the handset to make calls you will need to fit and fully charge the batteries, as described on pages 4 and 5. Please read the notes on pages 2 and 3 before you install the base unit. What the symbols mean Signal level This shows the strength of the signal between the handset and base unit.

It flashes while the handset is trying to establish a radio link to the base unit. New call This appears when you missed incoming calls even if you do not use Caller Display. While the batteries are being charged, this symbol blinks.

Do not connect the e as an extension to a payphone. The ringer equivalence numbers RENs of all instruments phones, fax machines, etc. To use your handset and base unit together, you must be able to establish a radio link between them. E33000, supplied with the unit. Using any other adapter will result in non-compliance with EN, and will invalidate any approval given to this apparatus. Tuck the wires in and lay the battery pack in the compartment C. Fit the battery compartment cover, sliding it into place and pressing firmly to make sure it is secure Charge the batteries for 15 hours Before you use the handset for the first time, it is important to charge the batteries fully.

The battery level symbol blinks Leave the handset on the charging cradle for 15 mmanual. Electrical equipment can cause serious injury if used while you are wet or standing in water. Damage caused by lightning is not covered by the guarantee. Switching on and off To switch the handset on and off To switch the handset off and save battery power: To unlock the keypad: If the sound quality gets worse as you move around while on a call, this is probably caused by interference between the handset and the base unit, perhaps because you are too near to another phone or other electrical equipment.


If you do not move, your call may be cut off.

Move nearer to the base unit within 20 seconds, until the tone stops. Otherwise, your call may be cut off. To answer a call when the handset is switched off, you need to switch it back on. Remember that it may take a few moments for the handset to re-establish a radio link with the base unit. To answer a call To make a repeat call to the last number you dialled up to 24 digits: After you end your call, the earpiece volume will stay at the level you have set.

Each number can have up to 24 digits. The 20 memory locations are numbered 01 to Press and hold the MEMORY button for at least a second The phone number appears on the display, with the first free memory location to the left of it.

You can store a number in memory while you are busy on a call. If a caller withholds their number mamual diallingor if they are calling from a network that does not transmit the number, no number will be shown on the display when the phone rings. The e will store the numbers of the last 10 callers whether or not you answered e300 call so you can call them back later. When all 10 Caller Display memories are full, the next incoming number will overwrite the oldest one. If the number was withheld or unavailable, no record will be stored.

User manual BINATONE E – Download your BINATONE E user guide or user manual

You can register additional handsets — up to six handsets per base unit. With two or more handsets registered, you can: Only one handset can be connected to the outside line at once.

Bijatone means that you should press the button and hold it down for a moment until the display changes, you hear a tone, or you are connected to another call. To make binatohe 1 intercom call 2 The ringing tune binatond intercom calls is different from that for outside calls. When the other handset user answers, you will be connected. To set e3300 a three-way conference When you have both an outside call and an intercom call in progress, you can set up a three-way conference call, like this: To stop the ringing before ,anual time: To de-register a handset 1 Each handset can be registered to up to four base units, numbered 1 to 4.

The display shows the numbers of all handset registered to the base unit. Or you can select a base unit manually. Uxer you select 0, your binatond will automatically select the base unit that gives the strongest connection. If you have problems, contact the Binatone Help Line for more advice. Auto-answer When a call comes in, you need to press any button to mnaual it. Or you can set auto-answer — so, if the handset is in place on the base unit, you simply lift it to answer the call, without pressing any button.

With the volume set to 0, the handset will not ring for an incoming call, but the display will show call or the phone number.

To change the volume: With Direct Call turned on, it is not possible to make emergency calls, unless you have programmed an emergency number such as as the Direct Call number. But remember that the number you have programmed will be dialled automatically when any key is pressed. Before you can turn Direct Call on, you must program the telephone number. You can turn these tones off if you prefer.


You can answer calls as normal. If you have set a Direct Call number, it will be cleared too. Caller ID memories are cleared by resetting the base unit see page To reset the handset The base unit has a default PIN of Emergency numbers These two numbers can be dialled even when the handset is locked see page 7.

With the volume set to 0, binstone base unit will not ring for an incoming call. By using indirect access to an alternative network, you may be able to save money on longdistance and international calls. When you subscribe to an alternative network provider, they will send you a network access code 32 1 Press the PROG button then 2 4 1 2 Key in the first dialling code up to 6 digits 3 Press the PHONE button to confirm To route calls over the alternative network, you need to key in the access code each time you make a call.

Your e can do this automatically when you dial a longdistance or international number beginning with 0either manually or from memory. But you need to turn the Indirect Network feature on and off on individual handsets. When a call is routed manuall Indirect Network, LC is shown on the display.

The e must be serviced by trained engineers. NEVER attempt any repairs or adjustments yourself — you could make the problem worse and invalidate the Guarantee. The base unit needs mains power for normal operation of the manuzl — not just for charging the batteries. Check with the bijatone of the base unit.

Binatone E – User manual

Check that the total REN value of all equipment connected to your telephone line is no more than 4 see page 2. Disconnect one or more telephones and see whether that helps. Move binaotne handset closer to the base unit. Switch off power at the mains socket, wait for a few seconds and then switch back on.

This may solve the problem. Try a different position for the base unit — somewhere higher if possible, or further from other electrical equipment. Other telephone line cables might not work. Check the Battery Level symbol on the display. If it is low, replace the handset on the base unit or charger pod to recharge the batteries. Unlock it before you make a call. For example, in a two-storey house, the first-floor landing is an ideal place for the base unit. Move closer, or your call may be cut off.

If it is low, recharge the batteries. You need to subscribe to the Caller Display feature from BT or your service provider. The caller may have withheld their number by dialling Or they may be calling from a network that does not transmit the Caller ID for example, it may be an international call.