Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price. Bencao Gangmu: China Travel Depot provides more information on material medicine. medical treating and historical value. This is the first complete English translation of Li Shizen’s classic compendium of Chinese medicines, prescriptions, and medical lore.

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I am interested in traditional Chinese culture and life styles. Bencao Gangmu is one of the most treasure heritage for us. But it was written in ancient Chinese which is really hard to understand. It was left only for research purpose. Chinese medicine is getting popular around the world nowadays so I thought that it would be interesting to make this book much more simple for ordinary people, like me, to read and promote it.

I converted these text based content into beautiful visual designs, animations and interactive functions.

Bencao Gangmu is the most complete and ganbmu medical book ever written in the history of traditional Bnecao medicine. It lists all the plants, animals, minerals, and other items that becnao believed to have medicinal properties. But it is really hard to understand for ordinary people today. We transformed it into an illustrated, animated, and interactive E-Book, which can be easily understood and give the user a fun, playful and meaningful experience.

At the beginning, just tap the illustation to get into the different chapters. You can sweep left or right to chose different chapters to look into details. In each chapter, there are hints at the left hand side illustration. You can tap them to bring out different content at the left hand side to see some animations, to read detail information tangmu to experience some interactive functions. At the beginning page, you can chose from the bottom button to get into prescription page to do a prescription for your friend by drawing a herbal for fun.


This project was started in November and finished in December The first version was launched in December at Samsung Store in China.

File:Bencao Gangmu 33-36.jpg

The method I use to develop this E-book was: Sketch out the structure of the book. Sketch out the interactive functions. Paint the background image and characters, figures in detail.

Develop the program environment.

Compendium Of Materia Medica (Bencao Gangmu) 6 Vols

Test the E-book and find out bugs. This E-book was developed ggangmu Android system. The Minimum Requirement for mobile devices: We interviewed a lot of mobile device users to understand how they interact with small screens and what the interactive functions they wanted in an Ebook. Also we studied how visual matters and little animations can draw people’s attention and what impact they can create. How visual factors can navigate user to go thought the whole chapters.

File:Bencao Gangmu jpg – Wikimedia Commons

All researches helped us to create a fun, interactive and meaningful learning experience for ordinary people. The hardest part was to combine the art, design and technology together.


And also it is really hard to pair the E-book for so many different screen resolutions and different version of operation systems. Moreover we have to transform the very difficult reading content into a beautiful visual designs and playful interactive. Programmer and Weiqiang Wang: Visit the following page to learn more: Walnuts Design Lab is a highly effective design team.

They focus on combining arts, design and technologies together to create new form of art or better design solutions. They believe arts are inspiration and design and technologies are solutions. If you put them together in a meaningful way you can create a better life.

Images and further details of the project is not available for public yet, please check back later. If you are gencao owner of this design, please login to view the images. Login or Register to request an exclusive interview with Hao He.

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Bencao gangmu 本草綱目 ()

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