Find great deals for Basler Decs Decsb15 AVR Voltage Regulator. Shop with confidence on eBay!. BASLER ELECTRIC DECSB11 is a microprocessor based digital automatic voltage regulator. It can be used on almost any generator up to 5MW. It can put. Add to cart. Basler Decs B Original Basler Decs B11 Digital Voltage Regulator. Max. 63 Vdc – 7 Amp. VAR/PF Controller/Voltage Matching – CT 1 A.

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DECS, Digital Excitation Control System – Basler Electric

The old analogue voltage regulator Basler SR4A is still available. However the future of this AVR is not sure and the lead time and price constantly increases.

Please find below some reasons:. The problem is that upgrading an AVR introduces additional engineering costs.

The purpose of this post is to reduce this cost by providing guidelines for the upgrade process and explaining the differences between the 2 AVRs and provide instructions to bypass the differences. The DECS is not an exact like for like replacement but fortunately the replacement does not require a lot of effort.


Replacing a Stamford MX by Basler Electric DECS | Generator control and protection systems

Some considerations are necessary when implementing the upgrade:. This like for like solution has the same footprint as the SR4A and the location of xecs terminal block is positioned at the bottom to avoid any wire changes during the swap over.

In addition, we have added a terminal block on the top in case you decide to include the extra functionalities of the DECS, but this is optional.

Both terminals blocks are almost identical. A few more terminals are available on the DECS for additional functions.

baasler On the SR4A, this is done using a potentiometer. Field output rating is the same for both AVRs: On the SR4A, the setpoint adjustment is done by potentiometer.

On the DECS, the deccs has to be adjusted by dry contacts: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Basler Electric DECS-100 User Manual

Notify me of new posts by email. Please find secs some reasons: Some considerations des necessary when implementing the upgrade: Like for like solution: Same features Power input: Like for Like Chassis: This chassis includes a pre-wired DECS on a frame with the exact same installation dimensions as the SR4A and with the same terminal names and location.

Greatly reduces the swap time Preset file: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.