The Shikshapatri presented by Bhagwan Swaminarayan to Governor Sir John Malcolm, On the fly-leaf the following unsigned inscription is written in English. Shikshapatri Bhashya. Sanskrit – English. [Incorporates ‘Arthadeepika’ treatise by Shatanand Muni]. By. S. G. Shatanand Muni. By orders from. H. H. Acharya. Shikshapatri BAPS – This is a universal application, for the first time ever, This application contains an explanation of The Shikshapatri in Swamiji’s own The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on

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Ayodhyaprasad and Raghuvir who have been installed by Me as Acharya at Ahmedabad and Vadtal respectively, sons of my brothers, Rampratapji and Ichharamji, born of Shri Dharmadev.

All naishtic Brahmacharis, Mukundanand and others and all house-holders. Mayaram Bhatt and others, all who have become My followers. All female, married including virgins also and widows and all Sadhus, Muktanand and others, all who have become My followers. All mentioned above, shall accept My Blessings Divine, Blessings which protect their Dharmas, which carry with them the Divine memory of SrimanNarayan and which are endorsed by the Shastras.

All those who follow the rules of good conduct as prescribed by the Shastras Such as Srimad Bhagavat etc. And all those who disregard them and behave according to their own whims are indeed evil-minded and shall verily meet with great miseries in this life and the life beyond. My followers shall never kill any living being under any circumstances, knowingly, not even small insects like lice, bugs, etc.

None shall ever kill a human being for obtaining women, wealth or even sovereignty. None shall ever commit suicide even in a place of pilgrimage or through anger or on account of some untoward action by taking poison or by hanging or by falling into a well or from a hill-top or by any other means.


None shall ever eat meat, even if it be an offering in a sacrifice or shall ever drink liquor or wine even if it be offered to a deity. When an untoward action is committed either by oneself or by others, none shall through anger or excitement cut or mutilate one’s limbs or limbs of other persons by means of any kind of weapon. None shall ever commit theft, even for the sake of performing an act of Dharma. Even articles such as firewood, flowers, etc.

No one shall eat food prepared by a person, taking cooked food from whose hands prohibited in the Shastras or drink water from the vessels of such a person even as a prasad eatables offered to a deity of Shri Krishna, in any place, except at Jagannathpuri where prasad of Shri Jagannathji may e taken.

None shall ever speak or hear ill of deities, places of pilgrimage, Brahmins, chaste women, Sadhus and the Vedas.

shikshapahri When my followers on their way, come across temples of Shiv, and other deities, they shall bow down to them and have their darshan respectfully.

None shall give up Dharma of one’s own varna class and Ashram nor rnglish practice Dharma of persons of shokshapatri varnas classes and Ashramas or shall follow pseudo Dharma or Dharma dictated by one’s own whims. None shall speak even truth which is likely to cause fatal misery to oneself or to others and shall avoid company of ungrateful persons or shall ever except illegal gratification from anybody.

No one shall ever associate with a thief, an addict, a hypocrite, a debauch, and a deceit. No one shall also associate with persons, who under the grab of Bhakti devotion and Jnan knowledge indulge in committing sins, themselves being after women, wealth and various attachments sexual gratificationobjects of worldly pleasures, delicious dishes etc.

None shall ever hear or believe in the Shastras which clearly refute the name, glory, form and existence of Lord Shri Krishna and his incarnations. One shall never pass urine or answer call of nature or even spit in places prohibited for such use by people and by Shastras e. No one should enter in or go through a door, shiksahpatri meant for the purpose or camp in a private place without the permission of its proprietor.

Male followers shall not here religious or philosophical discourses from females nor shall they enter into arguments with them or with a king or with his men. None shall insult one’s Guru, a very great person, a person highly placed in society, a learned man and a man with arms.

One shall never act under sudden impulse shikshapari haste; but an shiksshapatri pertaining to Dharma shall be done all at once.

One shall impart knowledge, acquired by oneself, to others and shall always associate with saintly persons. None shall go with empty hands for darsan of Guru or of a deity or of a king or shall ever commit breach of trust or shall praise oneself.

Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri

My followers shall never wear clothes so thin and fine as would expose their limbs for such clothes are considered indecent bad. None shall ever practice Bhakti of Lord Shri Krishna devoid of Dharma or shall ever give up his Bhakti, for fear of criticism from ignorant people.


When they go to the temples of Lord Shri Krishna for darsan either daily or on days of festivals, male followers shall not touch females and vice-versa but when they come out of the temple premises, they may behave with each other according to their relation and social customs. My disciples, who are twice-born i.

This vertical mark tilak shall be made either with Gopichandan or with sandal paste with saffron, etc. Persons, who are classed as higher Shudras sat-shudra and who are Bhaktas of Lord Krishna and who do follow their Dharmas properly, shall wear necklace on their neck and put on marks on their forehead etc. All other Bhaktas who are classed below sat-shudras shall were on their neck a double lined necklace prepared from sandal wood or other such wood and shall put on their forehead round mark only but shall not put on vertical mark.

Brahmin and other followers who are required on the account of their family tradition, to put on horizontal mark on their forehead and to wear on their neck a necklace prepared from Rudraksha beads shall not give up wearing them, even after becoming My followers. All shall realize that Narayan and the Mahesh are one, for as Brahman they have been described as one in the Vedas.

My followers shall not adopt rules of exigency prescribed in Shastras as ordinary routine ones when the exigency is light. My followers shall get up daily before sun-rise, offer prayers to Lord Krishna and then shall go to answer call of nature. Thereafter, sitting in one place, shall cleanse teeth, then shall take bath with filtered and clean water and then shall wear one washed cloth and put on another such cloth as apron.

Thereafter, facing either north or east, shall sit on a pure and comfortable sheet, placed on pure ground and untouched by any other article and then sip pure water three times. Thereafter, all male followers shall put on their forehead and on bosom or chest and on the two arms also a round mark in the middle of the vertical one as explained before and all married women shall put on their forehead the round mark only with red powder.

All female followers who are widows shall not put on their forehead either the round mark or the vertical one. Thereafter, all male and female followers shall worship Lord Shri Krishna mentally.

Thereafter, all shall have darshan of and shall bow respectfully to the image drawn on paper or cloth of Lord Shri Krishna with Radha, then shall chant His mantra eight syllabled one according to their ability and then shall attend to their worldly affairs jobs.

My Bhaktas, who like Gaps, have dedicated their lies completely to Lord Shri Krishna, shall also similarly go through all procedure of worship of lord Shri Shikshapatir, as explained above upto mental worship. These Bhaktas, shall worship the idol of Lord Shri Krishna, made either from stone or metal or Saligram with offering like flowers, sandal paste, fruit, etc.

Thereafter, ebglish shall chant according to their ability, the Stotras verses in Sanskrit in praise of Lord Shri Krishna and those who do not know Sanskrit, shall sing His name and glory.

Then they shall offer food to him and then shall partake of it as His prasad, they shall thus always remain in service of Lord Krishna with love.

Shastras proclaim these Bhaktas as Nirguna i. Because of their intimate relation with him, all their action also become Nirguna. These Bhaktas shall never drink even water nor shall eat leaves, fruits, roots etc.

All Bhaktas, who are incapacitated by old age or by some great adverse circumstances and who are, therefore, unable perform worship puja of Lord Shri Krishna themselves, shall give over the idol to some other Bhakta for worship, etc. All shall worship with singular devotion only that form of Lord Shri Krishna which is installed by the Acharya who is a descendant of the bapw of Shri Dharmadev and which is given to them for the purpose by him.

All other forms of Lord Shri Krishna shall but be bowed and respected. All my followers shall daily go to the temple of Lord Shri Krishna, in the evening and shall sing loudly the name of Lord Shri Krishna. All my followers shall invariably act daily as laid down above, shall study the Shastras either in Sanskrit or regional language according to their abilities. One shall always provide one’s servants with food, clothing etc. One shall always speak to a person just befitting one’s person and position and just in accordance with the time and place; but shall not act otherwise.

All my followers who are prudent shall receive their Guru, a king, a very old man and a person who has renounced the world, a learned man and an ascetic, respectfully, by rising from their seat going forward, by offering them proper seat by sweet words. None shall ever enter into arguments with Acharya.


All shall treat him with respect by offering him food grains, money, cloths etc. My followers, on hearing about the his arrival shall immediately go forward to receive him and when he departs shall also go forward to receive him and when he departs shall go upto the outskirts of their village to give him a worthy send-off.

None shall ever perform an act, which is likely to yield great advantage but which is devoid of or is against Dharma, for Dharma alone is capable of fulfilling the four Purusharths aims of life i. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Action of past great men which are not in conformity with Dharma shall never be accepted and followed as precedent; but those actions which conform with Dharma shall only be adopted and followed.

Never shall ever divulge secrets of other persons anywhere and to anyone. Others shall be treated as they deserve. This rule shall not be violated in the name of equality. All my followers shall practice as additional rules, which are explained below during the period of four months i.

Those who are weak and feeble, however, shall practice them only for the month of Shravan. Listening to and 2. Chanting his Hymns Stotras 7. These eight rules are considered best by Me. My followers shall adopt anyone of them as additional rule Dharma with devotion.

All shall observe devoutly and with proper festivities, the Vratas of all Ekadashi days of every month as well as the birth day of Shri Krishna and Shiv. All shall avoid with care sleeping by day time on such days, for such an act destroys merits of the fast just as sexual intercourse does on such days. Shri Vitthalnathji, son of Shri Vallabhacharya, a king among the Vaishanavas, has given decisions regarding all Vratas and festivals.

All shall observe them accordingly. The mode of worship of Lord Shri Krishna as explained by him shall also be followed. All followers shall undertake pilgrimage to place like Dwarika and others, observing all rituals properly, and shall always be kind to the poor according to their means. My followers shall regard the five deities named here with reverence – Vishnu, Shiva, Ganpati, Parvati and the Sun.


In times of trouble caused by evil spirits like Ghosts etc. Whenever an eclipse of the Sun or of the Moon takes place, all followers shall immediately suspend shikshapatrii work and after purifying themselves by means of bath, etc. And when it is over, all shall take bath together with bapd clothes worn at that time, and thereafter, those who are householders shall give alms according to their means and others shall perform worship of Lord Shri Krishna.

All My followers belonging to the four varnas classes i. The followers, who are Brahmins, shall acquire the qualities of tranquility, self-restraint, forbearance and contentment, the Kshatriyas shall acquire the qualities of valor, fortitude etc. The Vaishyas shall go in for agriculture, trade, banking etc.

The followers, who are twice-born, shall perform as occasion requires, all sanskaras with beginning from conception daily ceremonial offerings to deities and the Shraddhas obsequies of the Pitris ancestors as prescribed by in their respective Gruhya Sutra according to their means. Whenever an untoward action or sin is wnglish or unknowingly committed, all concerned shall make amends as shown in the Shastras and by saintly persons for it as best as they can.

All my followers who desire to secure their welfare shall hear them and those who are twice-born shall study them, teach them to others and shall read them. Of these eight Shastras, the Yajnavalkya Smruti with the Mitakshara commentary thereon shall be followed while taking decision on matters relating to the bapz of life, social and legal matters and expiation.

And for realizing glory and greatness of Lord Shri Krishna, the tenth engkish the fifth canto of the Trimmed Bhagwat shall be pre-eminently followed. And the commentary on Vyas-sutras and Shri Bhagvad Gita by Ramanujacharya shall be treated as my favorite Shastras on philosophy. Those portion of these Shastras which explain the merits of knowledge of the form of Lord Shri Krishna, of Dharma, of Shiksnapatri and shikshapatei Vairagya non-attachment in highest terms only.

Shall be treated as taking precedence over all other portions. Dharma means the path of good conduct as enjoined by Smruties and Shrutis. Bhakti of Lord Krishna means profound love for Him accompanied by knowledge of His glorious greatness.