Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Kirk Whalum Performs the Babyface Songbook – Kirk Whalum on AllMusic – – The title. Performs the Babyface Songbook. By Kirk Whalum. • 12 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Exhale (Shoop Shoop). 2. Can We Talk. 3. I’ll Make . Kirk Whalum. The Babyface Songbook. Type CD; Label Rendezvous; UPC ; Catalog number REN ; Release date 10 March

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You might recognize this tune.

Only this version is translated through the prism of smooth jazz. Saxophonist Kirk Whalum is out with a new sampling of music from the “Babyface Songbook. The lyrics are so strong I think sometimes we forget just how beautiful and impactful the melodies are. So it’s been not only great making the record, songboom been even more fun performing the songs on the road.

The song “I Said I Love You” is really axiomatic to who I am because my life, really, it’s about relationships both vertical and horizontal. If somebody messes up bad enough, we will have to leave them in the dust, but he will never leave me. And that song–I sonbbook you could start with that song, saying that’s the one I had to do.

We had Face on with us not too long ago and one of the things that he talked about is, and you as a musician know this, you don’t always know which is the one, you songbooo, and sometimes you have them sitting on the shelf for a minute and thinking that the one you picked was better and ultimately the real pearl was the one you put aside for a second.

So as you know, sometimes, except for those that are given to you divinely, if you will I want to talk to you a little bit about your spirituality and the like. I know of members of your family in Memphis and I know that you come from not only a very musical family but a very spiritual family.


Talk to me about the relationship not only for you and your spirituality but the connection of spirituality in music for you. It’s funny, too, sontbook I never–I didn’t start out with that in mind.

Saxophonist Kirk Whalum’s Babyface Songbook

I was–you know, I wanted to learn how to play saxophone and that’s still an endeavor of mine, you know, and really I was then and I am now a jazz musician by trade or vocation. You know, that’s my field babyfacr expertise as it songboo. And yet my life, my heart, my saxophone, everything belongs to the Lord Jesus.

So that kind of makes me a kind of odd, you know, commodity.

More by Kirk Whalum

I guess, you know, I’m a little too worldly for some Christians and I’m a little too, you know, religious, you know, for others. I like that position, and definitely if today I get a chance to make a record of love songs, you know, the music of Babyface, I feel fulfilled.

If tomorrow I get to make the Gospel according to jazz, Chapter 3, I’m fulfilled. You know, it’s really just sort of different manifestations of who I am. I’m doing it live to the recording. I want my band there. We’ll have the best of the best.

We’ll do a track and we’ll bavyface this track. That way we’re not worried about anything. Find the guys you’re going to use and then find a singer because if I sing it, my band’s going to be there.

Before we let you go, Kirk, I want to take you back to what could be detrimental about the new project and that is though there is some background singing and the like on the babyfade CD, “The Songbook of Babyface,” ph most of it is instrumental.

Yet you have to know with the grand lyrics that Face has given us through the years–you know, there’s a bunch of folk at home singing that as if in full volume they’re leading the band. You know that, right? They’ll be singing along. Blige did such an amazing job on, I’m thinking about that lyric. Explain to me this part.


You know, you said, you know, “Through sickness and health, death do us part,” those were the words you said from your heart. Well, now that you say you’re leaving me, I don’t get that part, you know?

Challenge Records International – The Babyface Songbook – Kirk Whalum *

You know, you said you were in for the long run. Well, indeed, great songs from great modern day songwriter and a great songwriter of all time, Babyface, performed by one of the great saxophone players of today, Kirk Whalum. The CD is called “Kirk Whalum: Performs the Babyface Songbook. Babytace listen to babyfaec show, visit npr. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www.

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Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. October 25, Soundbite of music Mr. Which of the songs on there did you know you could not not do?

Singing I tell you I love you. Cross my heart, I will be there. It’s really my pleasure, Ed.

Thanks for joining us. That’s our program today.