There are 24 types of Asamyuta Hastas. They are: 1. Pataka. 2. Tripataka. 3. Kartarimukha. 4. Ardhachandra. 5. Arala. 6. Sukatunda. 7. Musti. 8. Sikhara. 9. Asamyuta Hastas. Description. Bharatanatyam Single Hand Gestures. Total Cards. Subject. Dance. Level. Not Applicable. Created. 03/28/. Learn more about Mudras in Barata Natyam, such as Asamyuta Hasta, Kartarimukha, Mayura, Ardhacandra, Arala, Sukatunda, mean a lot of.

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One gesture and meanings are quickly hxstas. Is it an object, a direction, an action, a God? In the article below, 5 new Asamyuta Hasta will be explained: Your palm is up, the ring and little fingers are bent ; the ring finger reaches out the thumb.

The index and middle finger hastws separated. The first meanings given to Kartaramukha are scissors and separation. The other meanings are:.

All fingers are straight except the ring finger which comes and touches the thumb. The only difference is that the thumb is no longer stuck to other fingers; thumb is extended. It is one of the Asamyuta Hasta, mudra with one hand, which has fewer meanings.


The principal meanings of it are venomamritha eternity liquora strong wind and drinking poison. The other meanings are: The main meanings associated to Mayura are: The Ardhacandra gesture is used to express: Art and culture in Tamil Nadu.

Default Title Date Random. Wet and semi-wet technics You want to discover watercolor paintings, or assmyuta try to asamyutx your current level? Oil, acrylic You will work from models on different supports.

Asamyuta Hasta: a myriad of meanings

You will learn to observe, to grasp shapes and shades, …. Bharata Natyam India is a country where all senses are awakened. It is fitting then, that life is punctuated by …. The art of Kolam. Tanjore painting A aswmyuta special art, typical of South India, which has emerged in the 16th century in the town …. Yoga classes Pursuit of well-being In order to listen to our own body as well as to discover an important …. Kalaripayat An ancient martial art Kalaripayatt or kalaripayattu takes roots in Kerala; this is one of the oldest martial.

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Arts and Culture

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