new opera is to first read the libretto in detail (in English or German translation). Then finally, watching the DVD Рwhich in light of my recently gained knowledge of the libretto and music Рallows me to Ariodante Libretto. Libretto di anonimo adattato da Ginevra, principessa di Scozia di Antonio Salvi (3) Dalinda rivela a Polinesso che Ariodante è amato da Ginevra, e che perciò. This Ariodante is in English. I am not won over to the The translation of the libretto from Italian is by Amanda Holden. Holden creates the odd.

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This Ariodante is in English. I am not won over to the cause of opera in English.

I am not even really on the fence. I strongly prefer operas in their original languages, partly for selfish reasons: I find it easier to get absorbed in the music when the words are not in English.

The translation of the libretto from Italian is by Amanda Holden. But occasionally the text works in musical terms.


And I found that understanding the details of what is said makes something that is already interesting even more interesting: The more experience I have with Ariodante the more I englksh that Dalinda is the key to the drama. Both Ariodante and Ginevra are hampered in terms of character development by the fact that they are never really faced with a choice. They both have good intentions and pure motives, and they are unwaveringly good.

Ariodante – Ariodante

But Dalinda is a little different. Often one comes away with the impression that Dalinda is a bit of a dolt and that she has no conception that the rather bizarre and creepy thing Polinesso asks her to do might have unpleasant consequences.

Or, that she is so blinded by love that she is rendered unable to say no to Polinesso. Before I get to that, though, I should say that what makes Dalinda interesting ariodantw her very weakness.

She is a coward and at times a liar, and she is self-aware enough to be conscious of it. When you hear the text sung in English, it adds significant force to the characterization, e. Later, towards the end, there are several moments where Dalinda looks awful every time she even sees Lurcanio, so conscious is she of not being a particularly admirable human being.


This production has a few moments of uninhibited raunchiness, but they make complete sense dramatically.

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Because Dalinda has a bit of kink to her. Polinesso is a sadist, and Dalinda. Dalinda is overwhelmed by desire. Polinesso is perhaps the only character in the story who offers her what she wants.

Ariodante – Wikipedia

There is also some music in this opera. More on that tomorrow. But I am getting ahead of myself. Twitter Facebook Email Tumblr Google. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.