Guidance for Organizations performing in vivo Bioequivalence Note: ANVISA is constantly redesigning its website starting in Aug ANVISA. BRAZILIAN HEALTH REGULATORY AGENCY. Brazilian REPRESENT ADVICE OR GUIDANCE . BIOEQUIVALENCE. Anvisa regulatory guidelines High Impact List of Articles PPts Journals Bioequivalence Journal · Pharmaceutical Analysis Journal · Pharmacovigilance.

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Successful approaches implemented internationally could lead to a global alignment in regulatory requirements and would improve the efficacy of topically administered generic formulations.

Anvisa regulatory guidelines | List of High Impact Articles | PPts | Journals | Videos

Volunteers, in order to be included in these studies, must be submitted in a clinical evaluation, and no respiratory disease must be found, which includes allergic rhinitis, nasal septal debytion, and adenoid, as they might alter deposition of drug into nasal mucous.

Pharmacopoeia Trials to Nasal Sprays and Aerosols 4. Initially, all volunteers who had all samples collected must be included in analysis. Bioequivalence of dermatological topical medicines: Waiver of In Vivo Bioa Headed by Coordination of Inspection in Pharmaceutical Equivalence and Bioequivalence Centers CIBIOa working group composed of technicians of General Office of Drugs, representatives of universities, manufacturing companies, CROs and professionals was constituted to gather and evaluate data regarding the major aspects of efficacy, safety and quality of these products.


Biovailability / Bioequivalence Centers – Anvisa

Simple actuation must be executed at beginning dose following the preparation in two distances defined between orifice of flask and the impact surface, of at least 3 cm, within 3 to 7 cm variation. Editora Atheneu,; – 16 relation on efficacy and safety. Test must be conducted in unities that have been primed in accordance with the instructions of use. Copies available at our site are denoted by this icon: Quality Assurance and GLP: Gelfusoand Tais Gratieri.

Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Please review our privacy policy. Follow official methodology and specification of each active ingredient. Mon Arch Chest Dis. The results obtained for test drug Tshall be compared to the results of the reference drug Rthus, determining existence or lack of Pharmaceutical Equivalence.

Description must follow Brazilian Pharmacopeia; 3. Study must be conducted, preferably, with one single dosage, and multiple dose studies must be justified in protocol. The scientific advances, as well as new ideas will be welcomed, always, to contribute for the discussion of this matter, whose main objective is to offer safe, and efficient and quality products to population. bioequivalece

These drugs, mainly, are used to treat allergic rhinitis. Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency.

Since then, a series of activities have been conducted, including meetings, conferences, technical visitations and studies follow up to subsidize the knowledge and the course of discussions in Brazil and around the world. The essays that are required to evidence Pharmaceutical Equivalence of these drugs are: Test must be executed with the vertical, or close to the vertical positioning of flasks.


Therefore, only in vitro studies are required for registration of all generic topical dermatological drug products, including those containing corticosteroids. Documents superseded by newer versions are striken through. Analysis of the Uniformity of DeliverdDose: Good clinical practice GCP: We are aware of broken document links caused by a programming error and we are working with the developers to have it corrected in the shortest possible time.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Open Access

In this note, we would like to comment a recently published review article on the similarities and differences among some international jurisdictions in accepting bioequivalence approaches for generic topical dermatological drug products [ 1 ].

According to the Guifelines RDC n. Molecular mechanisms of corticosteroid actions. The choice of the dose must be justified in the protocol and the study shall not be started before protocol is authorized by Independent Ethics Committee.

Follow official methodology and specification for each active ingredient; 3.