Kytha Kurin Anarcha-feminism Why the Hyphen? Open Road No. 11, Summer Anarcha-Feminism. For too long anarchist feminists have been labeled as the ladies auxiliary of male bomb throwers. The misconception and manipulation of. For anarcha-feminists, the struggle against patriarchy is an inherent part of the struggle to abolish the state and abolish capitalism, since the.

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For too long anarchist feminists have been labeled as the ladies auxiliary of male bomb throwers. The misconception and manipulation of both feminists and anarchist principles and practice have resulted in the use of.

This has not only polarized the general populace from potentially liberation concepts but has also polarized anarchist from feminists. I believe that this puts women in a unique position of being the bearers of a subsurface anarchist consciousness which if articulated and concretized can take us further than any previous group toward the achievement of total revolution.

Anarcha-Feminism | The Anarchist Library

Feminnism anarchism has provided a framework for the transformation required, for far too long even this revolutionary ideology has been largely male identified; male articulated, male targeted and male exclusive in both its language and participation. It has therefore been unfortunately lacking in vital analysis especially with regard to the psychological and physical realities of anarhca experienced by the majority of the human population: Anarchism has often duplicated the very concepts of power it sought to obliterate.

One of the basic tenants of anarchist feminism is that we are not prisoners of the past —. As anarchist feminist we are not asking men to atone for the sins of the forefathers, we are asking them to take responsibility for the masculinity of the future, we are not asking women to be perpetually aware of their oppression but to emerge from it. Mostly we are not locating conflict with certain people rather than the kind of behavior that feminnism place between them.

A Basic Introduction to Anarcha Feminism | Workers Solidarity Movement

Anarchist feminism addresses these notions of power, attempts to criticize, envision and plan. Everything is involved in the question. However it is from a conscious understanding of the lessons of the past that presses us into the future, however angry or embarrassed.

While it is not my intention to analyze in depth the traditions of anarchism and feminism, discussion of their union in the past and the barriers to this union may help to inform both genres as I see them as both phenomenas of urgent relevance. Ironically what constitutes anarchism is not goal orientated post revolutionary bliss but is a set or organizational principles which may redress the current obstacles to freedom.


Ideas result from deeds, not the later from the former, and the people will not be free when they are educated, but educated when anarchha are free. The above quote came from George Woodcocks anthology called The Anarchist Reader who should be forever embarrassed for citing only one woman briefly Emma Goldman in the role of critic of the Russian Revolution.

How is it that revolutionary libertarian fervor can exist so harmoniously with machismo? It is our culture. Feminists are suspicious of logic and its rituals and the audience addressed by a ritual language, with reason.

Consider the following examples and if you are not a woman try to imagine the conflict created by such wonderful ideas that deliberately and needlessly exclude you from relevance or existence.

If justice means anything, nothing can be more unjust than that any man lack them.

The anarchist is not an individualist in the extreme sense of the word. This principle does not come to him from outside, it is secreted within him, it is immanent. It constituents his essence, the essence of society itself. It is the form of the human spirit, a form which takes shape and grows towards perfection only by the relationship that everyday gives birth to social life.

Justice in other works, exists in us like love, like notions of feminjsm of utility of truth, like all our powers and faculties. Freedom is the first and indispensable conditions which the possibility of such a development presupposes.

In that day there shall be neither kings nor Americans — only men, over the whole earth MEN. Well save me from tomorrow! And so to what extent than has revolutionary ideology created and spoken to women when the language, the focus and the freedom offered is so often clearly for men?

The fact is that women have only so very recently acquired access to education anarxha also do not often have the opportunity for political involvement, consider both the physical and psychological barriers. There have always been a womans voice in political forums and feminism builds upon these tradition, theories and courage to create a body of thought that specifically addresses womens empowerment.

From the women Abolitionists jeered at when they gave a feminist understanding of the problems of male drunkenness and its devastating effects on women, to the suffragists accused of diverting attention from the war effort, to Zetkin, Luxumbourg and Goldman all suffering the eye roll and brutality of both the state that is and the state that would be.

We see Alexandra Kollontai the only women involved in the Russian cabinet after the Revolution being exiled to Norway after all her references to the necessity of a feminist component to revolution were edited and diluted. The fullness of the lack filling penile participation I supposed, lubricated and made ready, as always in isolation. Ah but how can one quibble about the sloppiness of language when it serves our purposes so well.


Entering into political circles with men is an exercise in the risk of compromising and being obedient to this attitude or in confronting it. Ridicule is the worst, tokenism is little better and so gloriously rare and acute is our joy when the issues are taken seriously that we could be mistaken for groaning clapping seals unless we are already cringingly braced in anticipation of the backlash of men genuinely perplexed but inarticulate except in the socialized male response; defensiveness.

But there must be some way in which to address the political nature of our polarization as sexes in political forums which involve men. There must be some way to point to the coercive power structures that display a hidden elite, invariable of men but also of women. I believe like Peggy Kornegger that feminism could be the connection that links anarchism to the future, both add to each others struggle not to seize but to abolish power, but both go further than the socialists and assert that people are not free because they are surviving, or even economically comfortable.

They are only free when they have power over their own lives. Anarchist feminist say that the goal is not to fabricate the new and artificial social forms but to find ways or articulating people so that out of their groupings, the institutions appropriate to a free society might evolve. Socialist organizations are popular with a lot of people who are flocking to these groups because it is felt that one must be involved with a revolutionary group.

But their gender blind hierarchical bludgeoning from the podium organizations have a typical style of interpreting feminist concerns and concrete grievances as irrelevant to or symptomatic of the larger struggle.


With capitalism and patriarchy so safely reduced to an explanation, we distance ourselves from the problem and the necessity to immediately interact with it or respond to other people. This is often a sanity compromising process or do we actually become sane through that difficult time when we realize that the personal aanarcha political.

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The misconception and manipulation of both feminists and anarchist principles and practice have resulted in the use of sensationalist and ridiculing tactics by the state and its spokespeople.