AMILO Xa · Easy Manual. AMILO Xa P. Datasheet · AMILO Xa · Datasheet • Getting Started · AMILO XA Series · Easy Manual • Easy Manual. and ergonomic design make your AMILO a user-friendly and reliable notebook. Your notebook is available in several different versions. Most of the sections in. , , FUJ2 NB-AMD AMILO XA TUR64X2 TL60 2G, Notebook, NB- , , SONY AUTOR,ZBH, XAIP, RADIO, Car stereo accesories.

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All other trademarks referenced are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, whose protected rights are da. Contents A beep sounds at a rate of one per second Your notebook is available in several different versions. Some of the illustrations and features in this manual may differ from your model and are for guidance only. Cross-references to a different section, e. For more information please go to ” www. The other notes provide helpful information on your notebook.

Safety information Notes Safety information Please note the safety information provided in the “Safety” manual and in the safety bedienungsanleitujg below. Observe the sections in the manual marked with the symbol on the left. Alternatively, you can also download the latest versions from “www. In the software for these applications Travelling with your notebook Notebook Mobile operation Transport Notes Please observe the points listed below when travelling with your notebook.

Cleaning the Notebook Do not clean any interior parts yourself; leave this job bediienungsanleitung a service technician. Only use cleaning products designed for computers. Normal household cleaners and polishes can damage bedienungeanleitung markings on the keyboard and the device, the paintwork or the notebook itself.

Ensure that no liquid enters the notebook. The Windows operating system and drivers required are already pre-installed. Upon 25528, the battery can be found in the battery compartment or in the accessories kit.

Location, selecting the Location, selecting the Notebook Power adapter Select a suitable location for the notebook before setting it up.

Consider the following points when selecting a location: Due to the fact that this installation procedure must not be interrupted, you should set aside enough time for it to be fully completed and connect the notebook to the mains outlet using the mains adapter. Working with the notebook Notebook, operation Notebook This chapter describes the basics for operating your notebook. Please read the chapter entitled “Connecting external devices”, Page 46 devices such as a mouse and a printer to the notebook.

Please refer to the notes in Switching on the Notebook The power-on indicator is lit. Status indicators Status indicators The status indicators provide information about the status of the power supply, the drives and the keyboard functions. These indicators are not visible when the notebook is closed. Power indicator Battery indicator Silent Mode indicator whisper mode Drive indicator Touchpad indicator Power indicator If the power adapter is connected: The notebook is switched on.


The notebook is switched off. The notebook is in standby mode. When running off the battery: Keyboard Buttons Numeric keypad Keyboard Numeric keypad The keyboard of your notebook is subject to continuous wear due to normal use.

The keyboard markings are subjected to particularly high loads. The keyboard markings beidenungsanleitung wear off in the course of using the notebook. The keyboard has been designed to provide all the functions of an enhanced keyboard. The Caps Lock function causes all the characters you type to appear bedienungsanleifung uppercase. In the case of overlay keys, the character printed on the upper left of the key appears when that key is pressed.

To cancel the Caps Lock function, simply press the Caps Lock key again. Illustration example showing a German keyboard layout Key combination Key combination The following description of key combinations refers to functions when using Microsoft Windows.

Some of the following key combinations may not function in other operating systems and with some device drivers. Other key combinations are described in the relevant manuals supplied with your application programs. Ctrl SysRq Key combinations with the Windows keys are contained in the man- ual for your operating system. Country and keyboard settings If you want to change the country and keyboard settings, proceed as follows: The current settings are displayed in the Regional Options tab.

Easy Launch keys Easy Launch keys Multimedia This button can be used to launch multimedia applications. Multimedia, Easy Launch key E-mail Use this button to start the standard e-mail programme for your system. Touchpad and touchpad buttons Keep the touchpad clean. Protect it from bedienungzanleitung, liquids, and grease. Do not rest heavy objects e.

The touchpad enables you to move the mouse pointer on the screen. The touchpad buttons allow you to select and execute commands. The item will be moved. You can press the key combination not accidentally move the pointer on the screen see also to switch off the touchpad so that you do “Key combination”, Page An optimal, clear picture can only be ensured in the resolution intended for the particular TFT monitor.

Never store the batteries in the device. Removing and installing the battery Only use batteries approved by Fujitsu Siemens Computers for bedinungsanleitung notebook. Never use force when inserting or removing a battery. Make sure that no foreign bodies get into the battery connections. If necessary, lay an anti-slip cloth on this surface to prevent the notebook from being scratched.

Using the power-management features Energy Energy Battery The notebook uses less energy when the available energy saving functions are used.

You will then be able to work longer when using the battery before having to recharge it. You can also use energy saving modes such as Standby or Hibernate for times when you are not using your notebook but want to keep coming back to it. Never use force when installing or removing an ExpressCard.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers AMILO Xa 1526 Easy Manual

Make sure that no foreign objects enter the ExpressCard slot. Please refer to the documentation for the ExpressCard for driver installation instructions. Memory cards Slot Your notebook is equipped with a memory card slot.


The memory card slot supports the following formats: The My Computer window will appear. A context menu appears. The bass loudspeaker and the two loudspeakers form a so-called subwoofer system for true listening pleasure.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers Laptop User Manuals Download – ManualsLib

Integrated 56k modem 56k modem Modem The integrated 56k modem supports beidenungsanleitung data communication applications, such as: Down- ward-compatible to V. Removing remote control Using the remote control Remote control The remote control 2 must be in the effective range horizontally approx.

You may not be more than 5 to 7 m from the notebook. Multimedia This button can be used to launch multimedia applications. Mute button This button switches the sound playback on and off. Security functions Security functions Your notebook has several security features that you can use to secure your system from unauthorised access.

Please remember that in some cases, for example, forgetting your password, you can be locked out and unable to access your data. If you forget your supervisor password, then you will no longer be able to access your notebook. The Enter new Password dialogue box then pops up and you are asked to enter a password. Connecting external devices Always refer to the safety information provided in connecting or disconnecting any devices to or from your notebook.

Always read the documentation supplied bedienjngsanleitung the device you wish to connect. Never connect or disconnect cables during a thunderstorm.


Never pull at a cable when disconnecting it. You can display the same picture on bedienungsaanleitung external monitor and the LCD screen simultaneously. If the refresh rate set is too high, the monitor may be damaged. The FireWire port operates at a speed of Mbit per second. FireWire devices are hot-pluggable. If you connect headphones or external loudspeakers, the built-in loudspeakers are disabled.

Second hard disk certain devices only Second hard disk Additional hard disk Depending on your particular model, you may be able to install a second hard disk in your notebook.

Removing cover Memory modules: Memory expansion Memory module The memory module will snap upwards 2. When it is delivered, the notebook is set to factory default settings. PC if you are running processor-intensive gaming software, e. Updating your hardware with drivers which have not been approved by Fujitsu Siemens Computers may result in performance losses, data losses or malfunction of the equipment.

A list of approved drivers and current BIOS versions can be downloaded from: The external monitor is blank or the image is unstable Screen Screen Cause The amioo external monitor has been selected or the wrong screen resolution has been set for the application program. Cause The battery is dead.