Alexandr Dugin is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Alexandr Dugin and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Aleksandr Dugin could use some help. Please research the article’s assertions. Whatever is credible should be sourced, and what is not should. Alexander Dugin. International Relations deals with the State as such. This is very important. In the very name of this science, this discipline, there is the concept.

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In Russia, there is a man named Aleksandr Dugin. For example, he believes in a mythology that tens of thousands of years ago there were two ancient civilizations, one called Atlantis, and one called Hyperborea.

Scientifically, these never existed, they are just myths. Dugin believes that the values of Atlantis were individualism, human rights, reason, science, cooperation, and order, and ultimately, things fundamentally grounded in an earthly existence, whereas the Hyperboreans had access to divine knowledge and a mysticism beyond the limits of this mere planet.

Aleksandr Dugin: The Russian Mystic Behind America’s Weird Far-Right

Dugin believes that Atlantis and Hyperborea were engaged in an ancient war over their totally different value sets and that this war continues to this day. Dugin believes that it is the ultimate theological destiny of Russia to lead modern day Hyperborean societies — including not only Russia, but all of Eurasia, from Korea to India to Portugal — away from a corrupt earthly existence and back to the pure, divine spiritual knowledge of the original Hyperboreans, resulting in the end of our world and the transformation of humanity to a divine existence.


Yes, you read that right — he wants Russia to bring about the end of the world, in pursuit of the spiritual transformation of all of society.

Now, this would all be crazy talk, except that Mr. By the looks of it, Mr. And his eyes are increasingly on the Baltic countries and parts of Asia. Now, there’s a strong strategic argument for the annexation of Crimea: Similarly, even if Dugin’s goal of bringing down the U.

Aleksandr Dugin – Wikipedia

So what does this all mean? Russia is doing this by encouraging far-right and nationalist political groups in the EU and in the U.

Thanks to a slower-than-hoped-for economic recovery from the crash, populist tendencies like this were already on the rise in the United States, but through propaganda and media and fake news and trollingRussia is boosting the popularity of far-right groups in the Western world and undermining the credibility of Western institutions. When Aldksandr Trump was announced the victor in the U.

Though Donald is most likely unaware of it, this is a practice in lock step with the Eurasianist philosophy of sewing chaos in the West in order for Russia to consolidate its influence in Eurasia and lead to the ultimate spiritual transformation read: Given all of these, the influence of Dugin and his Eurasianism serves as a convenient tool for Putin to consolidate his influence and project uncertainty aleksndr the hearts of traditional adversaries, like Western Europe and the United States.

Whether Putin is using Dugin or Dugin is using Putin more is a matter for debate, but by the looks of it, at the moment it is a symbiotic relationship that is destabilizing our society and culture. What can I do about it?


Understanding the threat that America and the West face helps us to organize against it. We must unite against a foreign attempt to destroy our country by sowing chaos in our system by promoting neo-fascist causes.

We must reject the appeals of the far right and of the nationalists in all of our societies, recognizing them as a foreign influence, and expel them from our system as a body rejects an infection. United in our resolve to ensure the survival of the Republic and the freedoms for which it stands, we will get involved in local politics by joining a school or planning board, or running for town council or county commission, to safeguard the integrity of the system at the ground level.

And it is always a good idea to re-read the Declaration of Independencethe Constitutionthe Federalist Papersand the writings of Duin LockeRousseauImmanuel Kantand other Enlightenment thinkers, to remember the values this country was built on.

Aleksandr Dugin

Emily Fox contributed to this story. This piece was updated on August 31, to add deeper nuance to the relationship between Duginist and Eurasianist groups in Russia and Europe, and their U. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform.

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