Alaya is considered the eighth, a sort of ground or eternal matrix, a storehouse of creativity containing all karmic traces and phenomenal possibilities; ultimately. The Alaya-Vijnana System (アラヤシキシステム Araya Shiki Shisutemu) is an organic interface system that was developed during the Calamity War as a way to . After the implantation, the person has an interface on the back for physical connection to the Alaya-Vijnana system connector in the mobile weapon’s cockpit .

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In the AnguttaranikayaCitta is described as ‘ luminous ‘ pabhassarabut it is ‘sullied by adventitious minor defilements ‘ agantukehi upakkilesehi upakkilittham.

Image – Ein Dalton Alaya-Vijnana | The Gundam Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva. Retrieved 14 February While the various seeds within the alaya are engendered to affect the various consciousnesses and bring about experiential realms, we must remember that the consciousnesses simultaneously perfume the seeds, so they become in their turn causes which perfume and mature seeds, and which thereby in turn produce further seeds of experience.

The alaya acts as a storehouse of the seeds of impressions, but when it is finally transformed into an enlightened Buddha mind, all things are manifestly reflected and can be seen as they really are; there is no intercession of thoughts or idealized images in the way. The Theravada and Sarvastivada Schools each held their own fourth councils.

Views Read View source View history. It may be either valid or invalid, conceptual or nonconceptual.

Just as a human image shown in a monitor can never be described as lasting for any instant, since “he” is just the production of electron currents of data stored and flow from the hard disk of the computer, so do seed-currents drain from the store-consciousness, never last from one moment to the next.

The store consciousness, while being originally immaculate in itself, contains a “mysterious mixture of purity and defilement, good and evil”.

Alaya-vijnana – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

It has no flaws or imperfections, and it does not function with any degree of attachment. He defines this Aggregate as follows:. Part of a series on. Prajna transcendental wisdom is not ordinary human intelligence, because intelligence is conceptual in nature and limited to your previous knowledge, experience, feelings and images. Prajna is the awareness direct knowing nature that sees things as they really are. Archived from the original on Views Read Edit View history.


It contains all the traces or impressions of the past actions and all good and bad future possibilities. A combination of sounds that are assigned a meaning. Contact our editors with your feedback.

It is also translated as ‘foundation consciousness’ and, by some translators, as ‘storehouse consciousness. That duality is conquered only by Enlightenment Bodhiwhich transforms a person into a Buddha. Only when you reach the stage of a Buddha can you be free of these views and experience the immediate presence, or crystal clarity of nirvana. Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies”. Now, in the Platform Sutra, eliminating the deluded mind of self, ill- will in mind – and mental greed, in relation to the sensed object- all thought arises in relation and reference to the manovijnana, manas and alayavijnana, In terms of the four noble truths of suffering, the cause, its ending and the path leading to liberation; the Dhrmakaya, Nirminakaya and Sambhobakaya of the PS are capable of functioning as a recepticle of impressions within the physical body since everything dependently arisen is contained in one’s own nature.

If I understood correctly, he uses the expression substrate consciousness for alayavijnanaand he says that in Theravada it’s called bhavanga. Motilal Banarsidass Norbu, Namkhai Thus we can see that Vijnana represents the simple reaction or response of the sense – organs when they come in contact with external objects.

Primary consciousness has the identity-nature of being an individualizing awareness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Since that school maintains that no external reality existswhile retaining the position that Knowledgeand therefore a knowable, existsit assumes that Knowledge itself is the object of Consciousness. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I don’t know if alayavijnana is permanent, but it lasts more than the phenomena of the five senses, the mind and the dreams. Help us improve this article! Translated from Italian into English by Andy Lukianowicz.


It is the eighth Consciousness which transforms into Mirror-like Wisdom. When you arrive at the skandha of consciousness because you have liberated yourself from false thoughts, you are almost free of the world of defilements, though you have not finished with it completely. The alaya-vijnana contains stored traces of past experiences, both pure and defiled seeds.

Eight Consciousnesses

It seems that alayavijnana is the consciousness that enable the manifestation of phenomena, or that perceives them manifesting. The Alaya-Vijnana system consists of two parts: Consciousness, from beginningless time, is born and perishes again from moment to moment, ever successively changing.

It still remained, however, to account for a…. This is sort of like flipping any yin aspect of the alaya into a yang aspect entirely.

The term prajna alaha absent from alsya Lanka in which the alayavijnana first appears. A division of the mind into eight Consciousness was introduced by the Yogacara schools. The Dharmakaya, in the PS is accessible through the special feeling of in-out breathing. Here it should be remembered, too, that analaya’ no-Alaya ‘, is another synonym for Nirvana. That illusive force maya determines the world of difference and belongs to human natureproducing the erroneous notions of an I and a non-I.

One may notice here that Alaya-Vijnana or tathagatgarbha and Citta are described almost by the same terms.

When hearing and what was heard were both forgotten became emptythere was nothing to rely upon because hearing left no impression in the mind. This is the perfuming of subtle transformation, a process of interconnected seeds rushing onwards as a torrential whole whose miraculous movements can never be stopped.

Thus one may see that, although not developed as in the Mahayanathe original idea of Alayavijnana was already there in the Pali Canon vijnaja the Theravada. Since that school maintains that no external reality exists, while retaining the position that knowledge, and therefore a knowable, exists, it assumes that knowledge itself is xlaya object of consciousness. Instructions on the Base of Santi Maha Sangha.