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ACI R (FEA Method). Input Data. Machine Data. Foundation Type = Single Block. Machine Type = Rotating Machine. Resonance Limit. ACI codes for dynamic equipment foundation by radhitya_himawan. ACI R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Foundations for Dynamic Equipment) [ACI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Refer to Vibrating equipment forces Impact loads for hoist and equipment handling utilities Seed and Idriss for information on strain-related Earthquake loads effects on shear modulus and material damping.

Part 5 ISO applies to machine sets in hydro-power facilities and pumping plants. I don’t know what soil type you have but I am use to seeing about half that or less.

The zero-to-peak centrifugal API and API work with maximum residual unbal- force amplitude from one such commonly used expression is ance Umax criteria for petroleum processing applications. The normal and a secondary force approach is to establish the head and crank pressures using the maximum and minimum suction and discharge pressures. Using a coefficient of friction of 0. I ran your model with it and there was no issue. Closed die forging hammers typically operate by dropping a weight ram onto hot metal, forcing it into a predefined shape.

The normally lowered below the bottom level of the excavation; construction crew should use templates during concrete placement to support anchor bolts and other embedments deep well pumps or well points are commonly used. Machine force across all interfaces to meet the force transmission and mounts with epoxy materials can experience both types deflection performance stated above; of differential thermal expansion; 7.


R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved ), –

This shock loading is often transmitted to the foundation system of the equipment and is a factor in the design of the foundation. This permits the measuring of soil properties at between differing soils layers, travels along the interface, several different locations, which can then be averaged to then back to the ground surface.

The subsequent parts of ISO establish the boundaries between these zones as applicable to specific equipment. Velocity criteria may depend on frequency but are often independent. Allowable amplitudes Sections 3. Economic factors such as capital cost, useful or 351.3r-004 as given in Table 4. I then converted that stiffness value into a plate mat support in the following manner: The response to each rotating mass is then combined to determine where the total response.

351.3-r04 vertical impedance—Veletsos and Verbic Method 3: While the intent is to use this impact energy to form and shape the material, there is significant energy transmission, particularly late in the forming process. If the crank is assumed to rotate at a constant angular 3.

The equivalent pier may only be applicable for very The interaction factors for horizontal translation u and closely spaced piles and may overestimate damping. Geotechnical information maintenance space if required.

The machine manufacturer, resonance—The state of steady-state vibration in which however, has traditionally used this term to designate 351.3f-04 the excitation frequency is equal to or close to a system structural supporting system below the soleplate of the damped natural frequency.


Most commonly the stiffness provided to the machine-foundation system by an isolation 4.

Horizontal joints in beams and slabs Required bolt tightening can be accomplished with a post- placed in more than one lift should be 351.3d-04 with sufficient tensioning jacking procedure, a turn-of-the-nut method, or a transverse reinforcing to develop the required horizontal shear calibrated wrench.

Air gaps and low conductivity epoxy chocks forces with only microlevel elastic deformation and negligible help minimize such deformation. Rotating machinery; individual cylinder load carried by the 2.

These combined motions may be less than or stiffness and mass terms are specifically associated with a greater than the motions of the CG, which are determined specific direction of motion of the machine-foundation through 351.3r-40 modal combination.

I’m just brainstorming possible remedial measures because I have a feeling that I may need ideas.

351.3R-04: Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved 2011)

Pressure grouting before deciding on a permanent formwork system. Additional measures are needed to transfer shear 5. The hysteretic loop implies developed the following relationships: Calculation of the machine-foundation system response following data: Within this of displacement, velocity, acceleration, or other parameters.