DESCRIPTION. The 2N, 2N are high voltage silicon epitaxial planar PNP transistors in Jedec TO metal case designed for use in consumer and. 2N STMicroelectronics Bipolar Transistors – BJT PNP Power Switching datasheet, inventory, & pricing. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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If you are not familiar with how wire sizes are specified and what wire gauges mean, you can find that information here. I tend to prefer Motorola if available. Motorola vatasheet spun off its semiconductor division, and it is now called On Semiconductor. In the process, they have discontinued many products.

I have seen some mystery datashee transistors that have really bad characteristics. If the transistor is labeled with a name brand manufacturer, it should give no problems. This also applies to Q16 – Q17 and to Q18 – Q Dstasheet have seen students use all of the types of transistors that I have listed below with no problems. If you look at the specs, however, you will see why I prefer the starred types.

Transistors can be substituted, provided the substitutes have similar specs to the ones below. ON Semiconductor is now supplying them.

They are specified to be a complementary pair. It is not clear why they specify two. The spec sheet for the NTE only has one power rating and it does not give the gain bandwidth product f T. Do not use plastic insulating caps over Q18 through Q These will keep the screws that hold the power transistors to their sockets from making contact to the transistor cases. The case is the collector and there will be no power supply voltage on the collectors.


I had a student use these caps, and R41 through R44 caught on fire 2j5416 his board, and he blew Q16 and Q A possible manufacturer who has them listed on its web page is STMicroelectronics.

I would be interested if datasheft knows of other datasheeet for these transistors. I have been told that ON Semiconductor no longer makes these and transistors with the ON Semiconductor label may be counterfeit.

As of JuneRadioShack.

Leach Amp Plans – Part 3

They can be ordered through the web. You can see a list of their part numbers and prices here. In springstudents told me that RadioShack. Formerly Tech America, this is the parts division of Radio Shack and is not connected with the retail stores.

2N 데이터시트(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

Q12 – Q15 can run a little warm. I have never had problems with these running too hot. With the Version 4. Although I don’t think they are needed, you can put TO-5 clip-on heat sinks on them. There is not much room on the circuit board for the heat sinks, so they must have small fins.

If you can’t find them, they are easy to make from sheet metal flashing. The clips should make good mechanical contact to the transistor for good heat conduction. Some of the capacitor types specified below are ceramic.


I have seen some of these exhibit non-linear effects, so I don’t recommend them unless the mica types cannot be found. The ceramic dielectric in the capacitors can exhibit a piezoelectric effect which causes the spacing between the plates to vary with applied voltage.

This causes the capacitance to vary with voltage. Indeed, on one occasion I could hear a ceramic capacitor “sing” when excited at its resonance frequency. Please use an ohmmeter to check the value of all resistors before soldering them to the circuit board. Newark and Allied have regional sales offices in many metropolitan areas. There are many surplus electronics companies which advertise in electronics hobby magazines.

The catalogs from as many such companies as possible should be obtained before acquiring parts for the amplifier. Surplus parts can cost as little as one-tenth the retail prices charged by companies such as Newark or Allied.

ST Microelectronics

So many students have asked me what the correct hole sizes are for machine screws. For a clearance fit for a number 4 screw, use a number 31 drill bit 0. For a clearance fit for a datadheet 6 screw, use a number 27 drill bit 0. This page is not a publication of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia Institute of Technology has not edited or examined the content.

The author of this page is solely responsible for the content.