View and Download Honda Odyssey owner’s manual online. Odyssey Automobile pdf manual download. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Odyssey automobile. Honda Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals ยท Honda . Honda Odyssey Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual.

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Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise investment. It will give you years of driving pleasure. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new vehicle is to read this manual.

In it, you will learn how to operate its driving controls and convenience items. This vehicle is equipped with service-related devices that record information about powertrain performance. It may also be combined with data from other sources for research purposes, but it remains confidential. Owner’s Identification Form Introduction A Few Words About Safety Your Vehicle at a Glance Driver and Passenger Safety Instruments and Controls Features climate control, audio, steering wheel, rear entertainment, security, cruise control and HomeLink Before Driving fuel, vehicle break- in, and cargo loading Driving engine and transmission operation Maintenance Taking Care of the Unexpected This section covers several problems motorists sometimes experience, and details how to handle them.

Warranty and Customer Relations U. Only on vehicles equipped with navigation system. Refer to the navigation system manual. Even one drink can reduce your ability to respond to changing conditions, and your reaction time gets worse with Odyssey every additional drink. Help protect you in almost every type of crash, including frontal, side, and rear impacts and rollovers.

Keep you from being thrown out of the vehicle. A front passenger should move their seat as far back from the dashboard as possible. Remember, however, that no safety Your vehicle has a door and tailgate open indicator on the instrument panel to indicate when any door or the tailgate is not tightly closed.

See pages for how to set them. See pages for how to adjust the front seats. Have passengers adjust their head restraints properly as well. Taller persons should adjust their restraint as high as possible. Make sure head restraints are in place and ocyssey properly before driving. If necessary, pull up on the belt again to remove any slack, then check that the belt rests across the center of your chest and over your shoulder.

Have your dealer check the belt as soon as possible.

2008 Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual (524 pages)

See page for additional information about your seat belts and how to take care of them. Before using the seat belt, make sure the detachable anchor is correctly latched. Do not attach hard objects on or If a side airbag or a near a door. After exiting the vehicle, be sure the belt is out of the way and will not get closed in the door. In normal driving, the retractor lets you move freely in your seat while it keeps some tension on the belt. For more information about the detachable seat belt, see page Odyssey Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners For added protection, the front seat belts are equipped with automatic seat belt tensioners.


Any belt that is not in good condition or working properly hobda not provide good protection and should be replaced as soon as possible. Honda provides a limited warranty on seat belts. See your Honda oydssey for Warranty Information details.

This provides longer airbag inflation time with a little less force. Airbags with this feature have two deployment If the indicator stays on after the engine starts. If the indicator comes on or flashes on and off while you drive. It does there is a problem not mean with the airbag. If no weight is detected on the front seat, the airbag will be automatically shut off.

Do not try to remove or replace any airbag by yourself. This must be done by an authorized dealer or a knowledgeable body shop.

This could make the dealer. If it is necessary to remove or modify a front seat to accommodate a person with disabilities, first contact Honda Automobile Customer Service at Any child too small for a seat belt should be properly restrained in a child seat.

Honda Odyssey Owner’s Manuals

Please read and follow the instructions odysssey these labels. The back seat is far safer for a child than the front. Children who play in vehicles can accidentally get trapped inside.

The child seat should meet U.

If the child seat is not secure, try installing it in a different seating position, or use a different style of child seat that can be firmly secured. Make sure there are no objects near the anchors that could prevent a secure connection between the child seat and the anchors.

Lift the head restraint see pagethen route the tether strap through the legs of the head restraint, over the odyssye and through the grab rail. Be sure to check current laws in the states or provinces where you intend Odyssey Protecting Larger Children to drive. Booster seats can be high-back or low-back. To safely ride in front, a child must be able to follow the rules, including sitting properly, and wearing the seat belt properly throughout a ride.

Do not put any accessories on a Devices intended to seat belt. Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move the vehicle out of the garage. Read these labels carefully. If a label hknda off or becomes hard to read except for the U. Vehicle with navigation system is shown. It comes on as a reminder that you have turned off the vehicle stability assist VSA system. For more information, see page U.

Take the vehicle to your dealer to have the system checked. Have your vehicle checked by your dealer. There is a small reserve of fuel remaining in the tank when the reading does reach E. It goes off when your vehicle uses extra fuel. On Touring models For information about the multi- information display, see odysdey Odyssey Odometer The odometer shows the total distance your vehicle has been driven. It measures miles in U. Odyssey models warmer or cooler. The temperature must be stabilized before doing this procedure.


The following sequence will appear for 1 second each: If the fuel fill See page more information.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

When you turn the ignition switch to the ON II position, what you last selected is displayed. You can adjust the outside temperature on the multi- information display see page Odyssey Multi-Information Display System Messages If there is a problem with hknda vehicle, for example, the engine oil To cancel the message s before 5 seconds elapsed, press the INFO button on the steering wheel.

Pressing the INFO button on the steering wheel momentarily changes the display to the normal display, but it will come back after 5 seconds. Canada If you start driving without releasing The message should go off after several days of normal driving once you tighten or Odyssey replace the fuel fill cap.

To scroll to another message, press the INFO button. The low fuel indicator on the instrument panel will also come manuzl. See page for more information on the tire pressure monitoring system TPMS. Approaching Object This message, and the indicator to the left of the message, is part of the parking sensor system.

For details on engine oil life and maintenance messages, refer to page Also refer to page for important maintenance safety precautions.

If you see this message, you should take immediate action since serious engine damage is possible. See page for more information.

The PAX system uses the multi-information display to show you one of three messages while you are driving with a flat tire. Driver 1, Driver 2repeat this procedure. The LED will blink for 1 second to indicate the custom setting has been activated.

Changes how long in seconds the interior lights stay on after you close the doors. Changes the wiper operation between two settings when the wiper switch is in the INT position. Changes all the customized settings as they were when the vehicle left the factory. Then, follow the procedures described on the following pages. There are three selectable languages, English, French, and Spanish. Each time you press the INFO button, the display changes as shown.

The display changes as shown above. The highlighted number is the current adjustment above or below the outside temperature. Then follow the procedures described on the following pages.