Owners Manual. Honda Integra Owners Manual; (1 Pages). (Free) Acura Integra Service Repair Manual; (1, Pages). (Free). Acura Integra . Acura Integra , Factory Service Repair Manual covers all the repair procedures you will ever need. This service manual is also used by the mechanics. How do I reset the oil change maintenance light on my Acura Integra? 4 Answers. I just changed my oil myself and do not have an owners manual. I need .

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owners manual

Dramatically redesigned forwith dual airbags, the compact Integra 2-door hatchback coupe and 4-door notchback were based on the Honda Civic front-drive platform. Essentially the same as that installed in previous-generation Integras, it develops two more horsepower. A new and different dual-cam manhal. A 5-speed manual gearbox was standard on all models. All except the GS-R could have an electronic 4-speed automatic transmission instead. InAcura introduced a highly modified version of the 1.

All-new connecting rods are hand-torqued, ports are hand-polished, while a new forged-steel crankshaft comes with counterweights made with special metallurgy techniques to reduce vibration and bending fatigue. The revised engine includes oval intake infegra, dual-exhaust valve springs, thin-stemmed valves and lighter die-cast aluminum pistons with molybdenum-coated skirts.

Additional oiling passages and new crowns help boost the compression ratio from In addition, a special camshaft gives higher lift and longer overlap to match a bigger-bore exhaust and freer-breathing exhaust manifold, which features a single wide runner per cylinder rather odners smaller twin passages.

Acura Integra 1994 – 1997 Service Repair Manual

This highly modified Integra engine is only available on limited-production Type-R models, and comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. No Type-R models were available in Integra engines rev like crazy, but lack enough low-end torque to perform with much zest with the automatic transmission. All Integras are swift with the 5-speed. When equipped with the automatic, progress slows considerably and the transmission constantly shifts between gears.


Fuel economy is great. Both engines generate lots of noise at higher speeds, but cruise quietly. Tire hum is evident on all but mirror-smooth surfaces. However, hatchbacks in particular still tend to bounce and jiggle on freeways, due in part to their shorter wheelbase. This limited-production model comes equipped with a highly modified horsepower version of the 1.

Expect brisk acceleration, in manuaal mid-6s. Consequently, expect a noisier and bouncier ride than you get in other Integra models. Medium-size people will fit fine up front, but only preteens are welcome in back. Because of its longer wheelbase, the sedan is roomier and more practical for buyers who often carry more than one passenger.

Cargo room in the coupe is unexceptional.

Ratings values are on a scale, integrs 10 being the best. With the exception of Value, these numbers reflect how the vehicle compares against the universe of vehicles, not just against rivals in its class. Trouble Spots Air conditioner Description: The air conditioner may stop working because the drive belt has come off the pulley.

The rear hatch may be hard to close because the rubber stops are too tall. Retaining clip at automatic transmission can come off, so position of lever does not match actual transmission gear range.

Passenger-airbag module may not have been properly welded and may not deploy in a collision. Equipment Lists Click on intrgra to see manuaal lists for all models offered for that model year. Equipment Lists Equipment lists are only viewable on larger screen sizes.

Used-car pricing varies widely depending on local market conditions. Therefore, we recommend maanual websites that list used cars for sale to get a better idea of what a specific model is selling for in your area. Overview Dramatically redesigned forwith dual airbags, the compact Integra 2-door hatchback coupe and 4-door notchback were based on the Honda Civic front-drive platform. Special Edition hatchback also got a rear spoiler.


Repair Manuals & Literature for Acura Integra for sale | eBay

The GS-R got new standard inch alloy wheels, while the other two models gained fresh wheel covers. Except for the RS, all were available in both body styles. LS ownfrs added inch alloy wheels replacing 14splus a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. GS-Rs replaced cloth upholstery with standard leather.

All Integras gained a standard antitheft engine immobilizer and ,mile tune-up intervals. Performance Acceleration integrw 6. Fuel Economy – 7. Ride Quality – 4. Cargo Room – 6. Other Value – 8.

Acura Integra – Service Repair Manual | Free Download

Safety Ratings Model Tested: HLDI A score of is average. Collision Injury Theft Recall History Description: Click on year to see equipment lists for all models offered for that model year. Equipment list not available for Options are available as dealer-installed accessories.

Pricing Used-car pricing varies widely depending on local market conditions. For nearly 50 years, car shoppers have been relying on Consumer Guide Automotive. Our editors test drive and ownrs evaluate virtually every new car, truck, minivan, and SUV sold in America.